11 Reddit Customers Share The Cringe-Worthy Information On Their Worst Intercourse Accidents

Sex should really be enjoyable, but often it gets into the entire direction that is opposite becomes, well, hazardous to your quality of life.

Intercourse accidents happen and, in the emergency room while they can be funny, they can also land you.

Reddit users have actually gotten frank about a number of their rolls that are cringe-worthy the sack, and we’ve put together 12 of their craziest stories.

“I as soon as got a absurd nosebleed during doggy design. Did not notice until it had been over. We pulled my face from the pillow and noticed it had been sopping. He was told by me to turn the light on in which he almost vomited. My whole face ended up being 100 per cent covered in bloodstream, plus the pillow. We literally squeezed blood through the pillow there is a great deal. It appeared as if a murder scene, so when We wandered from the space to completely clean up, their roommate that is drunk just. Had no concept exactly just what to—owltattoo do

“[I happened to be] giving [my] boyfriend at once the coastline during the night by a mangrove. [I got] devoured by noseeums (sand fleas). Get back top to bottom in bites. in most crevice.” —mormontronix

“whilst having drunk sex, I dislocated some guy’s neck. The remainder home ended up being also pretty hammered, as well as the closest medical center was 30-plus kilometers away. After looking to get it right straight straight back in ourselves (and rendering it worse), we had to wait [until] someone ended up being sober adequate to drive. He previously to stay in excruciating discomfort for nearly a full hour . 5 before anybody ended up being confident sufficient to operate a vehicle. Of course, we felt like a genuine a**hole.” —Purjinke_Shift

“Boyfriend attempted to offer me a playful slap when you look at the face, got my ear alternatively, [and] burst my eardrum. It had been perforated in five places and I also ended up being deaf for the reason that ear for days. We went along to a doctor to obtain it examined to see him some ridiculous story about falling over onto my ear if it would ever heal, and told. He stated he would never ever seen any such thing want it and would definitely inform all their peers. Whoops!” —nekolalia

“I became providing a HJ [hand work] to some guy when you look at the bath. Simply he elbowed the wall of chaturbate white girls nude the shower and it knocked his razor off and landed on my foot blade down before he came. I happened to be gushing all sorts of bloodstream (although definitely exaggerated by the water that is running it through the bath bath tub) but We swallowed the wince therefore the discomfort until after he had been done cumming. Afterward he pulled a nickel-sized little bit of epidermis out from the razor it left a mark for well over a year while I cleaned my wound and.” —gingeredditor

“I work with a grown-up doll delivery warehouse therefore I usually have a number of free examples of lube and condoms and just exactly exactly what have [you]. Me personally and my ex had been [going] at it during my cellar. She asks for many lube. And I also oblige by getting a trial-size test of lube i acquired from work. It is getting hot and hefty and both of us agree totally that this lube rocks !, therefore we get faster and harder so it can have a run for the cash. Whenever out of the blue we look down and [it’s] all foamy and white. [It’s] dark in the cellar tright herefore right here we inadvertently grabbed a sample that is free of cream. We thought it ended up being hilarious. Her not really much. Cause soon after we stop to see just what was happening she begins screaming in pain saying [it’s] burning. Offers her a yeast infection. —haireball

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“once I had been younger, I experienced to simply just take my gf towards the ER because while taking place we couldn’t get it closed on me she had her jaw lock open and. We met her moms and dads during the ER when it comes to time that is first. Her dad would talk to me n’t, her mother was really good however! (we told them she had been yawning too hard whenever it simply happened.)” —mkultraman

“My boyfriend and I also unwittingly had intercourse in an area of poison ivy, and I also had poison ivy (for the time that is first between my feet, to my a**, back at my forehead, as well as on my palms (that is the WORST), in which he had it on their face and arms. Funny thing is, it commonly takes place to partners within my school.” —inked